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Ci-gît Pickle

Pickle, the dwarf hamster I had bought with Cédric almost three years ago, died the other day. We had a proper burial in the woods by the lakeside, involving a black cardboard box, a tiny white headstone, and candles. Pets are quite mysterious in some ways. They may not live very long, and it gives us the impression that we know much more about life than they do. And yet as we see them grow old and die, we realize what a lifespan entails. In a crucial sense, my hamster is now wiser than me because I don’t have a clue about death. Dear little Pickle, may you rest in peace.


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January light

I find it tough, once Christmas is behind, to face a long stretch of winter, especially if it’s rainy and there’s no snow in sight. But on Sunday and Monday we’ve enjoyed sunny weather here in Geneva, with some warmth in the afternoon. I was even able to take my book and a cup of coffee (why do people stare?) to the jetty. Afterwards I went to the Parc de la Grange and contemplated the venerable trees that watch over the day’s activities. There’s something soothing to lakeside sites that we know have been inhabited for five or six thousand years, a reassuring presence. I like going to the Laténium in Hauterive, Yverdon’s stone alignment, and this park so close to where I live. I ponder how the ground retains the memory of it, even though we have all but forgotten.

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