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January light

I find it tough, once Christmas is behind, to face a long stretch of winter, especially if it’s rainy and there’s no snow in sight. But on Sunday and Monday we’ve enjoyed sunny weather here in Geneva, with some warmth in the afternoon. I was even able to take my book and a cup of coffee (why do people stare?) to the jetty. Afterwards I went to the Parc de la Grange and contemplated the venerable trees that watch over the day’s activities. There’s something soothing to lakeside sites that we know have been inhabited for five or six thousand years, a reassuring presence. I like going to the Laténium in Hauterive, Yverdon’s stone alignment, and this park so close to where I live. I ponder how the ground retains the memory of it, even though we have all but forgotten.


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Crows and ravens

People tend not to like them. Their sharp cries are perceived as disagreeable, their dark shapes as threatening, their mere presence as a nuisance. But surely, given how many recent book covers proudly display them, I can’t be the only one who is strangely but powerfully attracted to crows and ravens. I find them mysterious, clever, reassuring. Whenever I spot them – flying above streets, foraging in parks, or gathering at dusk – I know there is more to life than the human-made frame of reference which completely absorbs my attention most of the time. I walk around a street corner, hear a crow speak, see it land closeby, and suddenly become aware of a totally different take on reality.

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